vijtrader's Trading Journal
Welcome to vijtrader's Trading Journal! I'll be reflecting on my trading here.

Thanks to Tradeinsight! Let the market define the trader in you!!

I am able to go back and look into my trades!

This is enabling to see what I was thinking at the time of trade.

I look how biased I was and How I am carrying those into market to prove my point.

When out of market, review of my market activity in previous days helps to see myself bare naked.

I am not letting market to def...

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Fighting the trend day is

Insult to my intelligent

Insult to my common sense.

First 3 days I was working so did not trade much.

Just because  I was off 2 days, Thursday and Friday, I ended up taking too many trades.

I was short biased and paid the price. There was easy goofy money to be made on long side.

Focus on what market is telling...

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