Publically Viewable Day Trading Teams

Do you trade with a team in a chat room, school, or academy? You can create a trading team for free and invite users and/or allow them to apply to join the team here on this page. You can see your teams total combined trading statistics by doing so. See and publish how your team is collectively performing today! Be sure and check options to make the group publically viewable if you would like to see it listed here!

Team LogoNameDescriptionCreation Date# of MembersApplyLink
N/A Warrior TradingWarrior Trading Followers/Traders7/28/201842Team Lounge Link
GKFXTrades mit MT4 mit GKFX3/13/20191Team Lounge Link
Daytrade WarriorGroup of Daytraders from Warrior Trading 2019 daily chat and educational plan.6/19/20192Team Lounge Link
N/A TradeNetTradeNet traders, come join!9/12/201911Team Lounge Link
N/A Day Traders NederlandDutch Traders Team11/12/20191Team Lounge Link
N/A Stock Lock TradingStock Lock discord community12/18/201915Team Lounge Link
N/A Velocity TradingVelocity Trading Members Only12/18/20193Team Lounge Link
surfistssurfists Members Only12/27/20191Team Lounge Link
IFT Méxicoeste es un grupo de traders mexicanos del equipo de Ifund traders1/1/20201Team Lounge Link
N/A Grupo 38grupo 38 del equipo IFT latam3/14/202014Team Lounge Link
En busca de la felicidadEn busca de la felicidad Members Only3/23/20206Team Lounge Link
N/A BlueSky AlphaBlueSky Alpha Members Only5/2/20202Team Lounge Link
celocelo Members Only5/2/20201Team Lounge Link
N/A German Option BlogsThis group is for option traders with german language.5/15/20201Team Lounge Link
RealTrading en Real6/4/20201Team Lounge Link
IFTIFT Members Only6/18/20202Team Lounge Link
J&G Forcetwo cousins separated by distance but joined by trading6/25/20201Team Lounge Link
N/A The Dream TeamWe dream for the team.7/22/20203Team Lounge Link
SMB ChallengersSMB Challengers Members Only9/10/20201Team Lounge Link
N/A 13 Market MovesIf you know, you know, and Join9/17/20201Team Lounge Link
Price Action Traders DiscordTeam for the members of Price Action Traders Discord, a discord for anybody who trades futures with an emphasis on PA10/1/20201Team Lounge Link
N/A Dream Team V2Making the dream team.10/15/20201Team Lounge Link
Aaron @ JJ TradersMe and my buddy comparing trades and learning from one another10/15/20201Team Lounge Link
Aaron & JJ tradingJust me and my buddy trading, learning together and from one another. 10/15/20202Team Lounge Link
N/A MatadorTradingTwitter@MatadorTrading on twitter and stocktwits. Come join and be part of the MatadorTrading family. 2/13/20211Team Lounge Link
N/A GAIAGsGroupGAIAGsGroup es un Equipo de Trading Quant, operamos principalmente con volatilidad Implicita4/28/20211Team Lounge Link
Polish Day TradePolish Day Trade Members Only5/8/20211Team Lounge Link
LTLLearn, Trade, and Live. 1. Learn to trade 2. Trade because you love it then 3. Live your life the way you want1/13/20221Team Lounge Link
Risk Analysis TeamRisk Analysis Team Members Only2/22/20222Team Lounge Link
N/A Red vs GreenThe constant battle to stay green!5/12/20221Team Lounge Link
Wave TraderWave Trader Members Only8/7/20221Team Lounge Link
N/A The BulldogCommunity of disciplined traders 8/10/20221Team Lounge Link
N/A Dransworld TradesStock - Options - Futures - Cryptos We are an indicator-based daytrade/scalp trading strategy team; with the occasional swing trade/hedging9/21/20222Team Lounge Link
N/A SLYKO75SLYKO75 Members Only10/2/20221Team Lounge Link
AtoZAtoZ Members Only3/4/20232Team Lounge Link
N/A Burma TradersMingalar Par4/3/20231Team Lounge Link
N/A Deeep In the MoneyManifest It, own It and Protect It. IT= Money5/16/20231Team Lounge Link
N/A HeldentraderSupertrader community5/24/20232Team Lounge Link

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