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  1. Exporting Trades Trades From Your Broker
  2. Importing Your Trades
  3. Generic Import Format
  4. Creating Trading Journal Entries
  5. Charts and Analytical Dashboard
  6. Net/Gross Preference
  7. Cumulative Profts and Losses
  8. Trade Ticket Count
  9. Daily Profits and Losses
  10. Calendar View
  11. Trades and Trade Details
  12. Trade Notes and Sharing Preferences
  13. Profit Trifecta Rank
  14. Trade Performance by Strategy/Tag

Importing your Trades

Once you've signed up, the navigation menu will provide a menu item labeled "Import Trades". It will take you to the following page where you will select your broker:

Trade Brokerage Selection

Once you've selected your broker and click "Next", you're brought to the upload page. Here you will select the export file you have obtained from your broker. If you are unsure what that is or how to find it for your broker, check out the broker help page for assistance.

Broker Trades Export

Once you've selected a file and click next, the file will be uploaded and you will see your trades being processed:

Processing Trades Broker Export

Once the trade import process is complete, you will be notified and invited to the dashboard to look at charts, metrics, and other visualizations related to your trades.

Metrics and Analytics

Generic Import Format

Do you track your trades manually in a csv or in Excel? If so, the generic import is for you! Your file must have one row per order. That means we need a row for a buy and a row for a sell. The import will match them up to calculate your P&L.

This import looks for various column names to find the fields we need to calculate your P&L.

*Blue columns are required.

Expected ColumnAccepted Column Names
TradeDatetrade date, tradedate, date, t/d
ExecTimeexectime, exec time, execution time, time
Symbolsymb, sym, symbol, ticker
Quantityqty, shares, quantity, size, noshares, numshares, share cnt, share count, quant, position
Priceprice, prc, cost
BuySellbuysell, side, b/s, b / s, bot/sld, action
Accountaccount, acct, acct#, acctno, account number, account id, acct #, acct no, acct no.
Commissioncommission, comm, com
Currencycurrency, currency code
Fee1fee 1, fee1, fee
Fee2fee 2, fee2
Fee3fee 3, fee3
Fee4fee 4, fee4
SECFeesec fee, secfee, sec
TAFFeetaf, taffee, taf fee
ECNFeeecnfee, ecn fee
OrderNumberorder number, order num, order no, ordernumber, ordernum, orderno, order#, order #, order id, orderid

Here is an exmple of what a simple generic file would look like:

Generic Example style=

Trading Journal

Once you login to the site, the "Traders Tools" menu contains a subsection for Trading journal. You can click "View Your Journal" to see your journal live, or you can manage your journal. Managing your journal gives you the ability to enter a journal name and description, along with text editing features similar to word. Images can even be added here by either uploading them once you click the image icon, or you can just paste and image directly from your keyboard (as in from a screen capture of a trade).
Journal entries can be created from here, as well as edited or deleted. While creating or editing entries, you are given the same abilities to markup your entry with word-like text editing features along with the image uploading capabilities.
Tag and category functionality is also offered on the journal entry pages and their use emphasized in an effort to organize your journal making it easy to find historic notes on similar situations arising.

Traders Dashboard

Once you login to the site, you're brought to the dashboard. Here you will get a "2 Week Quickview" that shows how many green days you've had in a row, your accuracy, and profit and loss ratio. You're also shown charts displaying daily gains/losses, cumulative profts and losses (equity curve), trade ticket counts, and volume traded.

Trading Activity Dashboard

By default these charts show you the last month's worth of data figured in net values. The date range and gross/net preference can be modified by adjusting the them in the menu and clicking on "Filter" as shown:

Trade Date and Gross/Net Filtering

Net/Gross Preference

By default the charts, statistics, and visualizations are set to reflect values according to net values, values that consider commissions and other fees. This behavior can be changed by selecting your preference in the side menu and clicking on "Filter" as shown:

Trade Date and Gross/Net Filtering

Cumulative PnL Chart

This chart tracks your overall losses and gains. It allows you to monitor how much you've profited or lost across time and is shown at the day level. This chart is filtered according to the date and net/gross filters on the side menu.

Equity Curve/Cumulative PnL

Trade Ticket Count

This chart tracks how many times you traded overall. It includes all entries and exits, as well as adds and scale outs. This chart is filtered according to the date filters on the side menu.

Trade Ticket Count

Daily Profits and Losses

This chart tracks your profits and losses by the day. This chart is filtered according to the date filters as well as the gross / net option on the side menu.

Daily Gains and Losses Chart

Trading Calendar View

This chart reflects daily profits and losses along with ticket counts by the day in a calendar view. This chart is filtered according to the date filters as well as the gross / net option on the side menu.

Trading Calendar View

Trades and Trade Details

This page shows all of your trades in a grid format. It shows gross and net numbers, and all fees and commissions. You can filter and sort on most fields at the top of the grid:

Trades Start Date Filter     Trades Start Date Filter Less Than

Clicking a row expands it and reveals individual entry, exit, adds and takes that your trade was comprised of:

Trades Details By Ticket

Clicking the chart icon will reveal a candlesick chart with all related trades plotted:

Trade Details with Chart

Hovering your mouse over one of those price points will cause it to display the PnL in gross and net form:

Trade Details with Chart Revealing PnL

The "More..." button at the right of each trade summery will open a window that will allows you to add notes, mark the trade with tags, and select your sharing preferences for the overall trade:

Trade Notes, Tags, and Sharing Preferences

Trade Notes and Sharing Preferences

The "More..." button at the right of each trade summery will open a window that will allows you to add notes, mark the trade with tags, and select your sharing preferences for the overall trade:

Trade Notes, Tags, and Sharing Preferences

Warrior Trading "Profit Trifecta" Calculator

Ross Cameron created a unique way metric to allow traders to score theirself on their trading abilities and better see progress in their journey to improve those abilities. We have created a calculator to automate these scoring system based on your trades. Traders are able to view their score by the week or by the month. You can hover over each gauge for detailed information regarding the score. For instance, hovering over the weekly gauge reveals that the trader has had 3 consistent 3 weeks for a score of 4.

Ross Cameron's Profit Trifecta Scoring System Calculator
Click the link to learn more about the Profit Trifecta scoring system.

Trade Performance by Strategy/Tag

By tagging your trades, you can take advantage of the Tag Performance page. Tag your trade by going to "Trade Tools"/"Analytics Dashboard" and clicking on "Trades List" in the menu. Once you get to the trades page you can click on the "More" button on any trade summary line. You will be presented with a popup where you can write notes about the trade and enter your tags. Type in the tag area and click "Add", and "Save when you're finished:

Tag your Trades - More Button

Tag your Trades - Type your Tag

Tag your Trades - Save your tag

Once you've done this, you can click on the "Tag Performance" button in the menu:

Tag your Trades - Tag Performance

That brings you to the Tag Performance page where you can view charts that compare performance of different strategies/tags that you've labeled your trades with:

Tag your Trades - Tag Performance Charts

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