TraderMichael's Trading Journal
Hi there! I'll be posting notes here and there as I get the urge. Generally looking to make comments after I'm done trading for the day.

Impatience or Not Being Greedy?

I had a fantastic first 3 minutes of the market today. I was done by then. I've had a habit for awhile now of taking most, if not all of my position off in two scaled exits. Generally they are quite close. I'm definitely not being greedy, but it makes me wonder if there is impatience there as well. It's all fine and good to scale out through the co...

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$1.72/per share on RNG!

What a massive, quick win. Out of the gates RNG sank $5 and then jumped $10. Crazy mover! I'm very happy with taking almost twice my daily target. (my target/self-judgement point is movement vs pnl) Here are my entries and exits:


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