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Free Day Trading Journal

solution. Rather than keeping track of your trading history with different Blogs, excel spreadsheets, templates, or other software, we centralize those functions for traders with our online day trading journal. We allow you to import your trade history on this website via export files from your broker. Once it's been uploaded to our system, we show you important metrics and analytics based the performance of your trades. For new traders it's important to keep tabs on your strengths and weaknesses in order to find your egde on the market. For seasoned traders it's good to see what's clearly returning the highest profit for the least amount of risk.

Some of the features we currently offer include:
  • Cumulative P/L Chart
  • Day/Time Related Performance Metrics
  • Instrument Price and Volume Related Performance Metrics
  • Trader Groups/Trading Teams - Sign up with your friends/chatroom and share a homepage that reflects the entire groups's numbers as a collective unit, and enjoy a private group forum
  • View your entries, exits, and P/L taken along the way all plotted on charts for the symbol traded
  • Profit Trifecta

    Calculator - Ross Cameron's trading performance measurement system
  • Charts showing daily volume traded and ticket counts
  • Trades list page where we break your trades down so you can see your P/L along with fees on the trade, including scale-ins and outs
  • A

    Trading Performance

    Leaderboard that gives our members the option to be listed and in the ranks if they so choose
  • Allow sharing of trades your proud of on twitter, facebook, and other social media sites
  • Processing of stocks, options, futures, and now Forex / currencies!
  • Trade journal entries with the capability to categorize, hashtag, and add photos and screenshots as well as paste directly from your clipboard
  • Hashtagging allows you to identify trades by trading system while tag reports show you performance based on those systems
  • Mobile support so that you can view your trades, charts, and metrics via your smartphone app/mobile browser

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useful, and of course contact us if you have problems, questions, or suggestions. Thank you!

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