7 thoughts on “Tags Functionality Update”

  1. This has been one of the most convenient changes yet! Great Work!

    I’ve noticed sometimes new tags do not appear immediately, just wondering if there are any conditions set for new tags to appear? If so what would they be?

    1. Hey Jonny, I’m glad you like the feature! There should be no delay so that’s a bit odd. It might be a slow request if you’re talking a few seconds or a small amount of time like that. I will say that using dots and slashes will likely cause issues. Dashes are fine… lol 🙂 Trade safe!

  2. Great Feature,

    Can I add a column to my TOS csv file and add the tags for groups of trades prior to the import?


    1. That’s not currently a feature, but I’ll consider adding it. Which import are you referring to? The generic format or? Also, do note that there is a mass tagging functionality on the trades list page. YOu can check the boxes on the trades you want to tag, and select “Actions…” at the top right of the list and use “Add Tag(s)”. Thanks!

      1. Hi Michael,

        I’m using ThinkorSwim for imports. I did see the mass add, but in my case I have 51+ pages. Ticking each line item on each page got cumbersome. Perhaps if you could view all or 50, 100, 200, etc. at a time and have one ‘select all’ tick button on the top of the column below ‘Action.’ Combining that with the existing date sort feature would be very powerful…

        Love the site!


        1. I went ahead and added a checkbox at the top of the column that does a select all. I also added a dropdown at the bottom of the page that allows you to list up to 200 trades per page. Hope that helps!

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